Chancellor's Friday Letters


Chancellor White’s Friday Letter of November 30, 2012

November 30, 2012

Dear Friends,

Do you wonder if anyone writes back about a Friday Letter?

Well – 1,026 of you know the answer is yes, as that is the number of inputs I’ve received.

I hope you enjoy a sampling of inputs from this year. Note that the contiguous sets of italicized paragraphs are differing views on the same topic:

  • Chancellor White, we (our daughter and family) have entered our fourth year at UCR. I vividly recall our new student/parent day and meeting you and the athletic director. I remember pointing to the athletic director and telling my wife that he must be Chancellor White because he looks so distinguished. I thought you were the athletic director. You looked young and athletic so I was very surprised when I learned I had switched the two of you.
  • I agree with Chancellor White’s perspective on reaching beyond current boundaries to make college education more affordable and attainable… The solution to this issue will require a collaborative approach involving area colleges, universities, business, local governmental agencies and even compulsory education sources. This is a community issue that will take the whole community to solve.
  • I was surprised by the Chancellor’s quoting Secretary Gates’ snide comments about government… Do you think he means he and you are doing a big footed, stupid job? …I would prefer that respected officials such as the Chancellor reject such jokes in favor of more thoughtful suggestions.
  • Your letter is outrageous.
  • Favorite Line…”Click on the tempting come-on and you’re caught like a fly on a frog’s tongue”. WAY TO GO UCR!!!!
  • This week’s Letter was inspiring to read. Hearing these stories of students who are working hard to further research into such interesting areas of study is amazing.
  • The best 12 of the 50 applying for $5000 and not one came up with their own research, but instead all followed random uninteresting quests guided by the ‘wisdom’ and ambitions of professors. We should be directing these students to tackle real problems and issues with our society, not the whims of PhDs who’ve been locked in the ivory tower too long. This makes me so angry…
  • We are a UC family. My older daughter is at UC Berkeley, where I attended, and my husband went to UC San Diego and UC Davis for law school. We all loved our educational experience, but none of us enjoyed the nurturing that UCR, for all of its size, seems to provide to our incoming freshman.
  • All I have to say is thank you…thank you for your letter regarding Jason and thank you for joining us on Wednesday as we remembered him.
  • I speak to you out of frustration and pain after reading your Friday letter…I felt your letter sent out the wrong message. Indeed August 26th 2012 was a tragic night, after all I was there… we did not purposely IGNORE Jason…we did what we thought was the right thing to do because we didn’t KNOW any better, we thought he just had too much to drink. And that, I feel, is what your Friday letter should have touched upon. Knowledge is power, as overused that phrase may be, I along with the others did not have that power that night. We continue our lives with sadness, regret, shame, but also wisdom. We know NOW what to be cautious for…what signs indicate lethal levels of drug intoxication.
  • This letter breaks my heart. Thank you for sharing and thank you for the concern and tenderness expressed. It is important for students at UCR to learn from this sad incident.
  • Loved your first letter of the season and especially loved your convocation speech. It took me back almost 50 years, when I sat in the gym and listened to a very similar speech and sang the University Hymn with Professor William Reynolds (who was leading the singing because he liked to sing and told us so). I don’t think we had an Alma Mater back then, just the hymn. Thanks for a wonderful early morning trip down memory lane – have a great year!
  • I remember meeting Chancellor White my first day of college at UCR. I was setting up my room in the dorms and he was just wandering the halls hoping to talk to some of the freshman. I literally had no idea who he was but he just knocked on my door with a big smile and introduced himself (still had no idea who he was) and he talked with my roommate and I for about 20 minutes just about life and the upcoming year and I remember him talking about how he only had sons and he’d never been in a girls room and I was just in complete awe of this man, he was so humble and kind and welcoming and nothing like you would imagine the chancellor of your school being (intimidating, a user of fancy words you don’t understand, unwilling to give you the time of day just to say hello). I actually teared up when I read both of his emails today and I am so sad to see him go. I know Tim (that’s what he told me to call him the first day I met him freshman year) is going to do amazing things for the CSU system and they will truly benefit from his leadership, but this letter makes my heart ache just a little.
  • My mouth dropped when the ticker tape rolled across my local news channel!!!!! I was disappointed, proud, and nowhere near surprised….all at the same time!!!! … in the words of my father, ” A trabajar”, “Time to Work”. Those words couldn’t be more appropriate for you right now.
  • Please make sure the job description for the next Chancellor includes “must have a friendly dog, be willing to walk the campus and have cookies to give out during finals week.”
  • Pain is temporary. Glory is forever.
  • I would like to unsubscribe from the Friday letter email. How do I do that? I don’t see a link anywhere…

Best regards,


Tim White

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Green is Gold
Congratulations to Harry Green, UCR Geophysicist and distinguished professor, who received the highest award given by the Mineralogical Society of America, the Roebling Medal.

A Wonderful Honor
This Tuesday the campus community will experience a blessing ceremony for the Center for California Native Nations, part of two days of attention on scholarship by and about native people. Monday brings a scholar from California State University Long Beach for a talk about the history of Native American activism.

Advising California
Professor David Eastmond, chair of the department of cell biology and neuroscience, has been reappointed to advise the state of California about issues related to chemicals in the environment, particularly those that are carcinogenic.

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