Chancellor's Friday Letters

Chancellor White’s Friday Letter of September 28, 2012

Chancellor White’s Friday Letter of September 28, 2012

September 28, 2012

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my Friday Letter, the first of the 2012-13 academic year. I will write you weekly, with some insights into this wonderful campus of the University of California. You are encouraged to share your thoughts and comments with me; use the link below my signature. At the bottom of the Letter you will always find a few snippets about current events that may interest you.

There are some ritual-like aspects to the beginning of the academic year…moving in for residential students, or hunting for parking for those who drive to campus. On Monday, we enjoyed Convocation for undergraduate freshman and transfer students, and yesterday was the first day of instruction (What do you mean… I’m supposed to get to class on time?).

For faculty and staff, I applaud their efforts as they have been preparing for months for this moment. And for students, especially those new to campus, the excitement, nervousness, apprehension, aspiration and confidence are palpable.

I couldn’t be more proud of everyone.

All of this combines to create a vibrancy that infuses renewed life and energy to the campus as we set about our day and year ahead. This vibrancy inspires and gives hope to all through knowledge – its creation and discovery, transmission, application and preservation – so that we can solve the large issues that confront society.

Convocation is a time to formally welcome new undergraduate students to the university. Students heard short messages of welcome, expectation and encouragement from the chair of the faculty’s Academic Senate, Professor Jose Wudka; the president of the Associated Students of UCR Liam Dow; and the chair of the Alumni Association, Mary Schuler.

Our Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Jim Sandoval brought greetings and hosted the event. The platform party included faculty, deans and other academic leaders…we marched in behind UCR’s renowned Pipe Band, and enjoyed the UCR Highlander Band.

Our Athletic Director Brian Wickstrom also infused Highlander energy into the crowd of more than 4,000 new students, and after the festivities all enjoyed dinner in the HUB plaza.

During Convocation I had a chance to share some serious and not-so-serious thoughts.  You can access a slide show and an audio of my 15-minute talk, including ‘Tim’s Top 10,” at: http://ucrtoday.ucr.edu/9066 .

As we concluded our Convocation on Monday, we sang our alma mater together with our newest students. We were led by student Alexandra Franke, who is a stunning vocalist. As I surveyed the students, faculty and staff, it was abundantly and joyfully clear to me that one of the verses, “Fiat Lux– a shining vision, light to set minds free,” has indeed launched the 2012-13 academic year with enthusiasm.



Tim White

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I’ll have fries with my 18-wheeler please, hold the particulates
Emissions from cooking one burger are equivalent to an 18-wheeler driving 143 miles! Researchers at Bourns College of Engineering are studying ways that restaurants can emit fewer particulates of smoke, ash and yes, hamburger grease, into the air we breathe.

The joy of mathematics
Hundreds of K-12 students will enjoy a large dose of enthusiasm for the importance of mathematics and science to the world, and for their own earning power. UCR’s Pamela Clute is the keynote speaker at the Science, Technology Education Partnership Oct. 2 and 3 at Bourns Technology Center, 1200 Columbia Ave., Riverside.

The Long Night of Arts and Innovation
Join thousands of Riverside residents downtown at a city-wide showcase for the best of innovation and creativity in the arts and sciences. The Long Night of Arts and Innovation will last from 6 p.m. to midnight Thursday, Oct. 4.

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