Chancellor's Friday Letters

School of Medicine Endorsements

School of Medicine Endorsements

February 24, 2012

Dear Friends,


I am pleased to both report on the activities of some important people and thank them for helping UCR make its case in this zip code, which is where key decisions about our future will be made – or not.

Indeed, while there are many concerns surrounding quality, access and affordability in the various levels of California’s higher education system, we also have a long-standing program initiative at UCR that demands attention, and is gaining more traction by the minute.

A few weeks ago I was with about thirty other western Riverside community leaders in Sacramento.  The group, the Monday Morning Group (MMG), is a non-partisan group with members from all walks. While there are many ‘projects’ of importance to our region – from transportation and water to air quality and education – I was both moved and thankful when the group indicated that support for UCR’s emerging School of Medicine was at the top of the list.

This message of priority was repeated over two days in multiple conversations with elected leaders and agency heads.  This is unprecedented endorsement of any project in my 3+ years of experience with the MMG. On behalf of the entire UCR community, I say thank you.

Secondly, this week Senator Diane Feinstein was in town, and issued both a public commendation for our School of Medicine and a compelling letter to Governor Brown to provide support, with a promise to follow up with a phone call.

The Senator is one of the most influential members of the US Senate as well as California’s political scene, and joins a long list of political and community leaders who have publicly expressed support for the school. Her letter is a terrific read (http://medschool.ucr.edu/supporters.html) and joins the impressive list of medical school supporters.

We are immensely grateful that the Senator took the time to understand the importance of this effort – for both healthcare and the regional economy – and to contact the Governor on our behalf.

And now to change gears to bring well-deserved attention to another zip code, 92507.

There is an iconic business in this Riverside zip code that probably has affected more students over the past 40 years than our registrar!

It is the Sub Station in Bannockburn Village on Canyon Crest, and owner Richard Munio is celebrating the 40th anniversary (http://www.pe.com/local-news/riverside-county/riverside/riverside-headlines-index/20120222-riverside-sub-station-celebrates-40-years.ece).

Thousands of students and community members have enjoyed his fabulous sandwiches over the years, and many have worked there learning business and relational skills that have served them well over their lifetime.

Congratulations and thank you Richard!

In addition to great food, the prices today and Saturday should get your attention… for these two days if you purchase one sandwich at the 2012 price, you can get a second sandwich at the 1972 price (when even I was still a college student!).  For example, take a friend and buy two signature Big Dude sandwiches for a savings of more than $7.00!

Best wishes,


Tim White, Chancellor

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Homecoming HEATS Up
Big games, a rally, a bonfire, alumni tours and reunions… a huge HEAT concert and dance at the center of campus are part of UCR’s Homecoming celebration. The biggest day is Saturday, March 3, but check the schedule for events all week.

Motors Misuse Energy
Motors that run heat, air conditioning and ventilation systems consume huge amounts of energy.  Sadrul Ula, managing director of the Winston Chung Global Energy Center at the Bourns College of Engineering’s Center for Environmental Research and Technology, has received a state grant to study ways to improve their energy efficiency.

Dancing for Donations
Young people who grow up in foster care rarely earn a degree, but a campus group is determined to support those who make it to UCR. The group’s efforts culminate Saturday in a dance marathon to raise money for Guardian Scholars, a program that provides resources for emancipated foster children.

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