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An individual education, an uncommon impact

An individual education, an uncommon impact

October 29, 2010

Dear Friends,

This past Saturday evening we enjoyed a most inspiring event on campus.

Stripped to its bare essentials, this event was simply a pure and poignant recognition of three people and a couple.

The three individuals were former UCR students from common backgrounds… who have gone forward to make uncommon impact.

The local couple we recognized has demonstrated – through word and deed – a relentless commitment to the transforming power of education for the good of the individual and for the good of society.

I’ll invite you later to meet these people virtually; for now consider brief vignettes…you won’t be disappointed:

Robert Del Grande, with his UCR Ph.D. in biochemistry, has gone on to become one of the most accomplished chefs in the world. He has combined regional traditions with advanced chemical engineering – cooking from the heart and brain – to become one of the most lionized chefs in America and abroad.

André Quintero has put his UCR political science degree to use as Mayor of the Southern California city of El Monte, where he is making a significant positive impact. He talks to his constituents not only about transparency and hope for the future, but about education – from kindergarten to college.

Rickerby Hinds earned his baccalaureate degree at UCR. Today, he is a highly-regarded member of UCR’s theater faculty. His plays speak to urban youth in a language that has personal meaning and impact. . . and inspire them to make better choices in their lives. He has been able to bridge the gap between the Latino and African-American cultures, and explore the complexity of diversity that so enriches our society and our campus.

Arthur and Peggy Littleworth received the coveted UCR Medallion in recognition of their extraordinary service, dedication, and generosity to education. This magnificent couple endowed a scholarship fund that supports Riverside Unified School District students who become Littleworth Scholars at UCR. Art is an attorney with national recognition for his clarity of thinking and logic in a landmark water rights case – Kansas v Colorado – where he served as a Special Master for the U.S. Supreme Court. He also was a leading figure in the voluntary desegregation of Riverside’s public schools in the 1960s – making it the first city in the country to integrate its schools without a court order. Peggy is a passionate supporter of the arts and education in Riverside.

In addition to being celebratory that evening, our purpose was also altruistic and noble as we raised UCR’s capacity to support current and future meritorious students with scholarships. And we did so in the setting of a festive gala, replete with performances by our students, carillonneur, and the award-winning pipe band.

I encourage you to meet all of these people virtually at http://bit.ly/ucrdinner – enjoy four short videos with very inspiring stories, as well as the still pictures of the evening. You, too, will feel inspired, hopeful, and proud to be part of this very special community.

With great pride,


Tim White, Chancellor

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