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Finding Funds for Students

Finding Funds for Students

October 9, 2009


Higher education provides enormous benefit to society as a whole as well as to the individual who attains a degree. As a society, we must demonstrate the value of having a more learned population by making a world-class university education accessible to those who seek it, and especially to those who aspire to a higher education but believe they cannot afford it.

With a tsunami of fee increases coming at us, the University of California, Riverside must improve our capacity to award scholarships and fellowships to our undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

Some might ask why students don’t simply work to pay for school. While a part-time job close to campus is doable for many students, the more time this consumes the less learning can occur either in the classroom, studio, laboratory, theater, or field. And for students who are first generation – 50 percent of our UCR undergraduates – it is tough enough to navigate the university without the added burden of employment.

To help relieve this burden, UCR provides some financial aid based principally on economic need. For this, we use a combination of federal, state, university, and philanthropic resources. We also provide aid based principally on merit, to attract and retain the most gifted students in a very competitive market.

To enhance this goal, UCR has made private fundraising for scholarships a top priority for every school and college on campus. A kick-off event is being held at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 17, in the Highlander Union Building. Many friends, alumni, and members of the UCR community will gather to discuss the vital importance of this effort, celebrate the achievements of our alums, and inspire philanthropy for this cause.

Visit http://chancellorsdinner.ucr.edu/ to register for the Chancellor’s dinner or, if you can’t attend but want to help, to make a donation toward scholarships for deserving students. In this way, you can help our students achieve their dreams and live the UCR promise for the betterment of society.


Tim White

Midnight Madness is a raucous and fun tradition of Fall. On Friday, Oct. 16 from 9 p.m. to the wee hours of the morning, we will celebrate the start of basketball season.

Along with others around California, we will prepare ourselves for how to handle an earthquake with the Great California ShakeOut. The ShakeOut is at 10:15 a.m. on October 15th. Please use this time to run through how we will best protect ourselves and the university during the real thing. http://ehs.ucr.edu/emergency/shakeout/

Important UCR research is getting attention. Jim Baird discusses water wise lawns on the NPR show Science Friday.

Wondering what is going on at UCR? It’s all listed at www.happenings.ucr.edu

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