Chancellor's Friday Letters

Feedback on Friday Letters

Feedback on Friday Letters

June 11, 2010

Dear Friends,

I’ll write next week with my impressions of this weekend’s seven commencement ceremonies.  Today I share with you a sprinkling of the feedback from the inaugural year of the Friday Letter.

The comments are serious, amusing, picky, thoughtful, contrarian – all in all an informative short read that will give you a flavor of the hundreds of inputs from you, the readers.

Thank you, and enjoy the voice of the readers:


I like to keep track of my alma mater and these Friday Letters – or as I like to think of them, the Geekly Update – are interesting, enjoyable, and provides both the information and the imperative for me to be an advocate for UCR.

I have found your Friday Letters to be among the most informative and eloquent celebrations and defenses of higher education, particularly public higher education I have read, truly in the tradition of the goals of the University of California.  Of all the periodic communications of this kind that I receive, your letters are the only ones to which I look forward.

Now that I’ve had a chance to read several of them and although I don’t always feel better (or worse), I don’t feel as disconnected.


It is just refreshing and reassuring to know, that even our chancellor must do his homework the same as the students at UCR to keep up with times!

I was on campus last week for the first time in a decade and could not believe the growth. I brought a foreign post doc and he could not say enough about the campus, the grounds and the location.


We have looked forward to your regular communications during this, our daughter Elizabeth’s freshman year. Your often insightful and occasionally disturbing emails have let us feel a part of UCR and our daughter’s college experience. The first year is nearly at a close and I look forward to having my little girl come home.

We appreciate your touching and deeply felt letter about student deaths, and we’re glad that UCR has people to help the parents and friends endure their terrible loss.


I’ve been at UCR for 8 years and these letters are a new and welcome weekly reminder of why I am proud to be here and why I will continue to work hard for the students, staff and community…this is the best and most tangible link I have had to the upper administration; it is savvy, smart and appreciated.

As a graduate of UCR, alumni of 1984, I didn’t feel connected with my alma mater as I do now. Your letters have provided me with a new found pride of all the accomplishments and changes that UCR is experiencing.


Your letter this week touches on a sore topic and has me madder than hell.

I love reading your personal newsletter emails but the automated email sender always sends them out sooo early in the morning (like around 1am). All my emails get sent to my blackberry so I get woken up every time. I don’t want to unsubscribe because as a UCR alum I enjoy knowing what is still going on, however I do wish the emails could be sent at a more reasonable hour! Since so many people get email alerts to their phones I was thinking other people are feeling my pain too!

The Provost

I am an old fan of bull riding, and so your metaphor for the Provost was quite clear to me!  My respect for the “rodeo clown” is immense.  Without the rodeo clown, the rest of the show is over and people get hurt!

I used to think a provost is a kind of food. Possibly some sort of savory Italianate flaky pastry. Now I know better.

Inquiring Minds

Hi, how can I get Chancellor White to stop spamming me?

It means a great deal to me that you take the time to write these weekly emails. That said, have you considered proofreading them? Speaking generally, you should review when to use commas, sentence organization and clarity. If you wish, there is a wealth of academic resources, including the Learning Center and Undergraduate Writing Program, available to you on campus (better stated, I am assuming you can use them, though they are for student use), free of charge.

Warm Regards,


Tim White, Chancellor

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Every Ending a New Beginning
I am looking forward to seeing the exuberant expressions on the faces of parents, and shaking the hands of our graduates this weekend. One of them will be Roberto Rodriguez, who is profiled here in the Washington Post as a first generation college student who has made us all proud at UCR.

UCR: The Idea FactoryI was glad to see the expansive coverage in The Press-Enterprise last
Sunday that made the point that a research university is really an idea factory. My compliments to Publisher Ron Redfern and the staff of the newspaper for a story well told.

Arts Camp for Teens
If you have teens in your life who are emerging poets, composers and performers, UCR’s Gluck Program for the Arts offers a free week of summer arts camp in early August. Classes will include dance, creative writing, music, theater, art history and art. Deadline to apply is June 11.

Find out what else is going on at UC Riverside: http://www.ucr.edu/happenings/

Friday Letter Archive: http://fridayletters.ucr.edu/?p=278

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